"The long awaited new Barbie Anaka project sounds fantastic.  The title track, Speechless, is a favorite song on Smooth In Seattle.  Great production values and fits right into the Smooth Jazz vibe. Nice to have a new vocalist to share with the format."                                          

                                 -Carol Handley, smoothinseattle.com


"Were we ever impressed.  This artist combines brains with beauty and has got some excellent material that is very radio ready.  Barbie has some strong singles."           

                                 -New Music Weekly Magazine, Los Angeles


"One thing is certain- this girl can sing!  Seattle's Barbie Anaka is a truly great female singer."        



"You want sultry and seductive, powerful and inspiring, tender and romantic, it is all here!"



"Anaka's voice is pure and fresh, and her deeply caring heart clearly is at the root of her singing."

                                 -New Age Retailer Magazine


"Barbie Anaka is a more angelic Streisand with a sultry, resonant, rich voice that turns old-fashioned classic jazz into living magic.  There's almost nothing else I can say about that voice - you just have to hear it."